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    While attending Northwest Missouri State I had many classes that focused on coding and design. While in this class we produced designs for the web, print and even strategic designs; The project showcased here was my final project for the class. I made a responsive website that pulled in RSS feeds. This project was for educational purposes, and as such pulls in the New York Times feeds.

    Final Project

    Sample Visual(s)

    Sample Markup

    <div class="MenuRightShadow"><a href="travelNews.html" target="_self">Travel</a></div> </div> <div class="MobileMenuContainer"> <div id="LayoutDivMenuTopBuffer"></div> <a href="#usNews" target="_self"><div id="LayoutDivMenuLeft"><p>U.S.</p></div></a>

    NOTE The above sample code is just that, a sample. Without the proper 'imports' and calls and without more tags, this code does nothing in and of it self.

    Final Project