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    While attending College of the Ozarks and as a member of Phi Beta Lambda - the business fraternity - I entered a yearly competition put on by Phi Beta Lambda. Some of the categories included business plans, accounting and even web competition. The year I entered, the task/assignment for the web competition was to create a web portal for a city. I created a city, Parma. I got first place in the state of Missouri; but because I transfered schools I was not able to attend nationals.


    Sample Visual(s)

    Sample HTML Markup

    var new_window = "scrollbars=yes,resizable=0,width=787,height=651,left=150,top=0"; OpenWindow ="main.htm", "remote", new_window); ...... <div id="ie5menu" class="skin0"> <div>The City of Parma doesn't</div> <div>allow you to right click...</div> <hr color="#006699"> <div class="menuitems" url="content/sources/main.htm" target="FRAME1">Sources</div> <div class="menuitems" url="content/vist/main.htm" target="FRAME1">Visitors</div> <div class="menuitems" url="content/bus/main.htm" target="FRAME1">Business</div> <div class="menuitems" url="content/contact/main.htm" target="FRAME1">Contact Us</div> <div class="menuitems" url="content/why/main.htm" target="FRAME1">Why Parma</div> <div class="menuitems" url="content/gov/main.htm" target="FRAME1">City Government </div> </div>

    NOTE The above sample code is just that, a sample. Without the proper 'imports' and calls and without more tags, this code does nothing in and of it self.