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    While attending Northwest Missouri State I had many classes that focused on coding and design. One class in particular I had to be involved with a team and make a website that was themed and utilized javascript. My team decided to make a portfolio/resume site for a student - who we made up - named Megan Edwards.

    Team 6

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    var photoshop = $("div.photoshop", "#main").length; var psClass = ["div.photoshop",]; var psCount = $(psClass.join(", "), "#main").length; [removed]("Photoshop: " + psCount + "<br / >" ); var indesign = $("div.indesign", "#main").length; var idClass = ["div.indesign",]; var idCount = $(idClass.join(", "), "#main").length;

    NOTE The above sample code is just that, a sample. Without the proper 'imports' and calls and without more tags, this code does nothing in and of it self.

    Team 6