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    While attending Northwest Missouri State I had many classes that focused on coding and design. From script programming with an emphasis on javascripts and jQuery to marketing and advertising classes that focused on SEO and user experiences. In this section I am showcasing my projects from web development class that focused on javascripts, jQuery, CSS and coding for user interfaces.

    Sample Visual(s)

    Sample Markup

    <div class="MenuRightShadow"><a href="travelNews.html" target="_self">Travel</a></div> </div> <div class="MobileMenuContainer"> <div id="LayoutDivMenuTopBuffer"></div> <a href="#usNews" target="_self"><div id="LayoutDivMenuLeft"><p>U.S.</p></div></a>

    NOTE The above sample code is just that, a sample. Without the proper 'imports' and calls and without more tags, this code does nothing in and of it self.