• Wireshuffle Studios


    Wireshuffle Studios is a design firm that was dreamed up by my brother and I around 2006. We had a few clients back then, but decided to take some time off from it - my brother took a full time position and went to school. Wireshuffle offered consultation, design, implementation, maintenance and troubleshooting solutions. Below are a few examples of the designs and content.

    Sample Visual(s)

    Sample Markup

    <a href="content/portfolio/main.htm" target="wireshuffle"
    onmouseover="changeImages('portfolio', 'images/portfolio-over.gif'); return true;"
    onmouseout="changeImages('portfolio', 'images/portfolio.gif'); return true;"
    onmousedown="changeImages('portfolio', 'images/portfolio-over.gif'); return true;"

    NOTE The above sample code is just that, a sample. Without the proper 'imports' and calls and without more tags, this code does nothing in and of it self.